WROFOL Sp. z o.o.

Plastic film manufacturer from Wroclaw, Poland


WROFOL Sp. z o.o. was established in order to satisfy the needs of small and medium entrepreneurs. As a company we are focused on individual approach to each customer, therefore we also realise small orders.

Our goals

We wish to reach out to various Clients and to satisfy the market’s need for the short production series adjusted to the Client’s specific expectations. Each Client is for us equally important.

Wojciech Wróblewski - owner
mob. 0048 661 474 910

About us


WROFOL Sp. z o.o. manufactures HDPE film and plastic bags.

The manufacture is conducted at the workshop specially adjusted in compliance with the act on packaging and packaging residues. We put extreme care into the manufacture process in order to ensure that our products are safe for use with food.

We offer our Clients

  • Quality
  • Short lead time
  • Advantageous prices
  • Depth of understanding

Our priorities

Our priority is the quality of our product which is achieved thanks to employing properly trained employees, and using only the highest quality raw material. In the nearest future we plan to implement the reputed quality management system and to acquire the trademark.

European funds for Lower Silesia development

European Union - European Regional Development Fund

The project is cofinananced by European Union from European Regional Development Fund as a part of the Regional Operational Programme for Lower Silesian Voivodeship for 2007-2013.

European Regional Development Fund
European Regional Development Fund for Lower Silesia growth

Our products

The polyethylene film, the high-density polyethylene film and the medium-density polyethylene firm are environmentally neutral products. Contrary to paper, plastic may be recycled and reused without negative effect on the quality of final product.

Due its physicochemical features polyethylene film may be used both for food packing (crucial here is permit to come into direct contact with food) and for many other branches of industry as a packing that protects other products from harmful extraneous factors (in particular from dust, humidity or mechanical damages).

HDPE film

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HDPE bags and sacks

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LDPE bags and sacks

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Plastic bags and sacks

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Our Clients

WROFOL Sp. z o.o.’s customers are mainly entrepreneurs. The main part of our output is sold to manufacture companies and packing warehouses. Nevertheless, we do not forget about smaller entrepreneurs, in particular petty traders and local businessmen who buy plastic bags and sacks from us.

If you wish to establish long-term relation with WROFOL Sp. z o.o., please do not hesitate to contact us. Perfect satisfaction of our Client is our first priority – if you would like to see your logo below, let us know.


Contact details

The manufacture plant of WROFOL Sp. z o.o. is located in Brochów, Wrocław; we occupy a building there in a big industrial complex at Brochowska 21 street.

Our factory stands only a few minutes car-ride from city ring road. Moreover, being located in outskirts of Wrocław our plant is easily approachable even without entering into the city (national road no. 94).

In order to find our plant driving Opolska street from Wrocław heading to Oława or Opole you should turn right into Brochowska street (towards the cemetery). Our office and factory are located at the right side of the road.

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Our location

Company data - registered seat

WROFOL Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kozanowska 44/8
54-152 Wroclaw, Poland

KRS: 0000457095
NIP: PL8943045380
REGON: 022112064

Mobile: 0048 661 474 910
E-mail: wrofol@wrofol.pl
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